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AD is your one-stop resource for sign supplies and large-format equipment. We offer HP Inkjet Printers, graphics arts equipment and top brand display materials such as foamboard, inkjet media, laminating films, mounting adhesives and display accessories. We also offer several eco-friendly materials from banners to wallscapes. Custom cutting and delivery are available as well.

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Advantage OptiClear Easy Remo Window Film

Available in both 2mil and 4mil thicknesses, these optically clear printable films are compatible with UV-curable printers and designed with a unique low-adhesive technology that allows the film to cling to glass and smooth substrates.  Unlike most removable adhesives, these films will not cure to a permanent state within six months.  Additionally, the “soft peel” adhesion mimics static cling performance without the environment concerns or problems caused by extremes in temperature.  For optimal clarity and ease of installation, this product can be wet applied using just water and a squeegee.

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Equipment Highlight


Offering stunning quality at over 1,000 square feet per hour, the Truepress Jet 3200 UV is the perfect production tool for a wide-range of applications. It boasts the highest printing speed in its class - true-quality printing of 1,000 square feet per hour! This system is equipped with a 125.9" x 62.9" wide table, lay pins for accurate and repeatable substrate registration and a zoned vacuum bed to reduce masking. We recently used it to print samples on our AD UV Window Film and the results were of superior quality! Contact our rep for samples or to schedule a demo.

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